Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Random Tuesday

Here are a few moments from the day.  Or, as my friend Bex tags her blog entries:  
Random. Totally Random.

Abigail is showing me a self-portrait she painted in her art class.  I noticed it is signed, 
"Abigail P. Scherer" 
and I'm pretty sure her middle name is still "Marie."
When asked about it she said, "I changed my middle name to 'Peaches' since that's what Dad calls me."
Wonder if I should hold off ordering a new birth certificate and social security card until she's for sure on this one?

Lauren was helping me make lunch (with Great Harvest bread for anyone wondering. Ok, I am cracking myself up as 2 friends emailed this week to ask what my obsession was with GH)  She started telling me how she can't wait to be a Mommy someday and make sandwiches for her little baby.  "I'm gonna make those teeny tiny ones like you eat when you drink tea."
Hmmmm.  Didn't realize you knew what crumpets were.

Madeline was working on Time-Order Charting (part of story drafting) and decided to chart out making a sandwich. 
(Wow, we do a lot of eating/thinking about eating/preparing for eating around here)
Her Time-Order Chart was as follows:
Make a PB & J Sandwich
1. One piece of bread
2. Add peanut butter
3. Add jelly
4. Slap a piece of bread on top
I corrected her paper by adding "organic" as needed.  I'm kidding.  Seriously.

I'm racking my brain trying to think of something Gabe did today.  I'm all about equal opportunity.  Oh, I got it.  He screamed my name for 45 minutes from his crib during nap time. And threw out all his blankets onto the floor.  And shook the crib bars which I could hear from anywhere in the house (believe me, I tested this one.) 
Yep, that's what he did.  My boy.