Saturday, October 25, 2008

Free Stuff? Anyone?

Does anyone like Kate Spade?  Jewelry?  Canon Rebel cameras?  Handbags?  
A Sony camcorder?

Cause I'm doing (my first) blog give-a-way.  I was going to link you to my SIL Amie who is also doing one but after reading the stories of Brent and Owen, I had to donate to the cause as well.

The only thing you have to do to enter this drawing is a RAK -- by October 28th.
(random act of kindness)  
Don't you just love doing these anyway?   Pick anything.  Big or small.  One of my favorites is to pay for the food of the person behind you at Wendy's.  
Post your name and email in my comments section (comments will not be shown - all info will be kept anonymous) and you will automatically be entered.
I am purchasing 5 raffle tickets from To China For Owen.
The winner will receive all 5 tickets on October 28th.
(which is the day Brent would have turned 13!  Happy Birthday!) 

Of course, you'll want to head over to read about Brent's story, an 11 year old hero who was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma, a cancer of the nervous system.  He went to be with Jesus last year and his family is honoring his love of giving by doing a blog give-a-way.

After that, head over to read about Owen, a little guy who will be heading from China to his forever family very soon.

Come back and share your story with one of us too.....its always fun to hear how you are able to bless another person.  

And, of course you can enter Amie's give-a-way too.....just be sure to do an extra RAK.  ;)