Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Boys Will Be.....

Anyone tired of this yet?  Cause I'm not.  I'm really not.
Oh wait, that wasn't my son.  That was an unruly-child-with-no-clothing that I found via You Tube.  Never mind.  My mistake.

How about this one then?  
Or the one where someone (most certainly not me) forgot to Double Check the Lock?

His latest shenanigan involves the trash.  It would.  He loves to find little (or big) trinkets around the house and chuck them.  Sometimes he even "hides" them under a cereal box so they are hard to spot.  I've taken to donning cleaning gloves and searching through each bag before I take it out to the garage.
(Oh, please tell me you didn't just believe that.  Really?  I don't even own those yellow gloves!)

Today's discovered treasure was 2 socks (if only they had matched!), the blender lid (that's where that is!) and the popcorn popper.  Yes, the popcorn popper.

When I went to let him know what I'd found, I might have found him eating a half-eaten, somewhat burnt, breakfast waffle.....from deep in the trash.  Might.