Thursday, January 31, 2008

Errrrr...Lunch and Learn?

An email from my SIL from her lunch date with the girls this week :)


So I have some blog material from my lunch with Abby
today. We were sitting on the kitchen bar stools
enjoying our peaceful lunch (Gabe was sleeping) when
this conversation takes place:

A: Aunt Jen, is Jesus a boy or a girl?
J: Definately a boy
A: Well, did you know he can make himself a girl?
J: Actually he can't...the Bible says he is a boy
A: Well, Aunt Jen, the Bible says that Jesus can do
J: Right...that is true...(I am actually stumped at
this moment)...since the Bible says that he is man,
and came to earth as man, he can't change that.
A: Oh...well....OK then!

And as fast as the conversation started, it ended!

Love it!

Glad I'm not the only one that gets to experience all this!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Jolly Good Fellow

We have a tradition - in the Costello family - where we follow up the "Happy Birthday" song by launching into 2 verses of "For He's (or She's) a Jolly Good Fellow."

It doesn't matter where we are or who we are with, it never fails that "Happy Birthday" will turn into a full-blown concert.
By the time we get to the last verse, "which nobody can deny, which nobody can deny," we are literally dancing and pumping our fists in the air. It all started with Great Uncle Oliver (WAY back in the day) but that is an entirely different story.

Anyway, Lauren was running around the house this morning singing her version which goes like this:
"For she's a giant fellow, she's a giant fellow, she's a giant fellow, which nobody can delight!"

The same little girl who is now starting to say, "oatmeal" instead of "amp mamp" .....much to Ron and I's dismay. :(
(it took us forever to get over Madeline switching from "faffle" to "waffle"....we tried to keep it around by purposefully mispronouncing it until one day she said, "Guys, it's 'WAAA-FULL!'" Ok, game over.)

And speaking of Madeline, she has her first speech meet today and I have a nervous stomach.

Happy Monday.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Bins Are for Clothing!

Never leave bins unattended!
(I ran upstairs to get some clothes to store)

Try to find us Mom!

I could take a nap in here.

(and for anyone that is horrified....yes, I did explain that it is not safe to climb into bins and put the lids on)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

No Worries

Had several interesting conversations that I have to remember:

Tonight as Madeline and I were cooking dinner:
Me: (holding Gabe, cooking dinner - per the usual)
M: Mom, you never hold me anymore

You better believe I stopped what I was doing, put Gabriel down, and picked her up....all 41 pounds of her. You never know when they will stop wanting to be held!!!

Me: I'm holding you right now!
M: Are you going to hold me when I'm a teenager?
Me: Yep, you bet I am.
M: How many of us will be teenagers together?
Me: Say what?
M: Just me and Abby?
Me: Oooooh. (think quickly) Actually, all 4 of you. When you are 19, Abby will be 17, Lauren will be 15, and Gabriel will be 13.
M: Wow. Well, when that happens, you won't have ANYTHING to worry about Mom!

On Sunday after church with Abigail:
A: Mommy, when I grow up and live right next to you we're going to lunch together!
Me: That sounds great.
A: And could you keep the same 336 phone number so I know how to get a hold of you?

And today as I was standing outside Lauren and Gabriel's door (he was fussing in his crib)
L: Gabriel, Puh-LEEESE stop crying! You are inner-rupping my nap time!

Good times. Good times.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

And There You Have It...

I was throwing on some clothes (to hopefully jump on the treadmill for a few minutes) and today, "some clothes" included a sports bra. Abigail says, "Wow Mom, that thing is HUH YOOOOOOOU GE!!!!"
At this point I'm wondering why am I putting this thing on....its not like I have the assets and I certainly don't walk fast enough to need it???!!??

Fortunately, we were interrupted by Lauren who walked in with a baby doll under each arm. Anxious to change the subject, I said, "Oh, what cute babies you have. What are their names?"

"This is my girl, Bella Donna and my boy is Poison Ivy", she replied.

Of course. And why wouldn't your son be named, "Poison Ivy"??

Monday, January 14, 2008

Home Again, Home Again

Back to reality and loving it.

I have to say it was 7 days of paradise....but there is nothing in the world better than running down the concourse to your 4 amazing children who are waiting on you to arrive. It was especially emotional because it was exactly the same spot that we waited for our beautiful niece, Hannah, to come home just 3 months ago. Talk about the ugly cry.

While the sounds of the ocean were tranquil and serene, I can honestly say that listening to Abigail announce Madeline's debut recital on the piano (Happy Birthday is the song of choice this evening.....and just to be clear, she randomly strikes keys as the song plays in the background) is just as wonderful.

She has Gabriel on one hip and is playing the keyboard with the other hand. Life is good. Life is very good.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Play by play?

Ok, that would be really boring/irritating but can I just say this place is Paradise?

We arrived at the hotel yesterday and were ushered to a "private" check-in where we were served champagne.

Our room is completely incredible. Its bigger than my first post-college apartment. No lie. There are so many shower heads I don't know how to work them all...oh, and I can see the ocean while washing my hair. Who knew?

We came back to our room after dinner to find another bottle of champagne and a light snack....are they trying to get us tipsy???

We woke up this morning and had breakfast on the balcony.....might have had a mismosa. Might.

Left the room to lie in our private cabana complete with our own waiter...who, by the way, provides you with cool towels for your forehead. Are you kidding me?

Came back to the room to check email and see how the kiddos are doing.....found it littered with candles and rose petals. Am I dreaming????

As I write this, Ron is lying in the hammock on our balcony.

Pinch me. Really, pinch me.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

It's 2008.....and 4 days until.....

So I know this blog's purpose is to remind myself of all the wonderful, amazing, cute, adorable things my kids do (OMGoodness, I'm that parent!) ....really and truly, I have lost almost all short and long term memory...

But, just for a second, might I deviate to say......I'M LEAVING ON A JET PLANE IN FOUR DAYS!!!!!!!
Yes, it's true, Ron and I are headed off to 7 blissful days and nights on a honeymoon together (our 5th since we married...but who's counting?)
Ok, probably my mother who keeps our gaggle while we are gone. God bless her. Honest. May He give her an extra jewel in her heavenly crown. Truly. May she enjoy a long and healthy life. Ooooh, that would mean many more honeymoons.... I'm kidding.....kinda?

Do I miss my kiddos while I am gone? Like crazy. But, this opportunity only comes once every 2 years and I plan to take full advantage of every moment.

Here is my packing list so far:
deck of cards (yes, we are competitive, even on vaca)
breast pump (ok, so I still have to think about worries!)

See picture below for the "This Time Next Week We'll be on the Beach" dance (to our college song, "I would walk 500 miles").
I wish I could say I'd been drinking too much wine....

(what is with the angry point, Ron? I'm sorry you have to wait...four....more....days.. Not my fault. Seriously people, do you see what I have to put up with!)