Wednesday, January 23, 2008

No Worries

Had several interesting conversations that I have to remember:

Tonight as Madeline and I were cooking dinner:
Me: (holding Gabe, cooking dinner - per the usual)
M: Mom, you never hold me anymore

You better believe I stopped what I was doing, put Gabriel down, and picked her up....all 41 pounds of her. You never know when they will stop wanting to be held!!!

Me: I'm holding you right now!
M: Are you going to hold me when I'm a teenager?
Me: Yep, you bet I am.
M: How many of us will be teenagers together?
Me: Say what?
M: Just me and Abby?
Me: Oooooh. (think quickly) Actually, all 4 of you. When you are 19, Abby will be 17, Lauren will be 15, and Gabriel will be 13.
M: Wow. Well, when that happens, you won't have ANYTHING to worry about Mom!

On Sunday after church with Abigail:
A: Mommy, when I grow up and live right next to you we're going to lunch together!
Me: That sounds great.
A: And could you keep the same 336 phone number so I know how to get a hold of you?

And today as I was standing outside Lauren and Gabriel's door (he was fussing in his crib)
L: Gabriel, Puh-LEEESE stop crying! You are inner-rupping my nap time!

Good times. Good times.