Thursday, January 31, 2008

Errrrr...Lunch and Learn?

An email from my SIL from her lunch date with the girls this week :)


So I have some blog material from my lunch with Abby
today. We were sitting on the kitchen bar stools
enjoying our peaceful lunch (Gabe was sleeping) when
this conversation takes place:

A: Aunt Jen, is Jesus a boy or a girl?
J: Definately a boy
A: Well, did you know he can make himself a girl?
J: Actually he can't...the Bible says he is a boy
A: Well, Aunt Jen, the Bible says that Jesus can do
J: Right...that is true...(I am actually stumped at
this moment)...since the Bible says that he is man,
and came to earth as man, he can't change that.
A: Oh...well....OK then!

And as fast as the conversation started, it ended!

Love it!

Glad I'm not the only one that gets to experience all this!