Monday, January 28, 2008

Jolly Good Fellow

We have a tradition - in the Costello family - where we follow up the "Happy Birthday" song by launching into 2 verses of "For He's (or She's) a Jolly Good Fellow."

It doesn't matter where we are or who we are with, it never fails that "Happy Birthday" will turn into a full-blown concert.
By the time we get to the last verse, "which nobody can deny, which nobody can deny," we are literally dancing and pumping our fists in the air. It all started with Great Uncle Oliver (WAY back in the day) but that is an entirely different story.

Anyway, Lauren was running around the house this morning singing her version which goes like this:
"For she's a giant fellow, she's a giant fellow, she's a giant fellow, which nobody can delight!"

The same little girl who is now starting to say, "oatmeal" instead of "amp mamp" .....much to Ron and I's dismay. :(
(it took us forever to get over Madeline switching from "faffle" to "waffle"....we tried to keep it around by purposefully mispronouncing it until one day she said, "Guys, it's 'WAAA-FULL!'" Ok, game over.)

And speaking of Madeline, she has her first speech meet today and I have a nervous stomach.

Happy Monday.