Thursday, May 27, 2010

They're Hitched!

Kathan & Beth married on the farm last weekend. It was an amazing day. It rained just about everywhere in the city that day....but not the farm. Thanks God!

The rehearsal dinner was at Luce, it was lovely.

The entire Cos family. Beth makes a perfect addition, eh?
(side note: Claire, being held by Maddie, does not look comfortable)

They're officially married!

No cake smashing!

Wow, we managed to get a shot with everyone looking!
(well, close anyway, Lincoln is actually tearing Madeline's headband out of her hair. Minor detail.)

The bride & groom are off honeymooning in Mexico. Jealous much? Not me, I'll be there on holiday with my hubby soon*.

*61 days and 9 hours

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I'm completely smitten with you, my love.

(this is also a wedding teaser, pictures coming soon!)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Guess I won't be growing wave petunias from seed after all.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

We found the camera!!!!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

You Tube

Happy 5 year anniversary, You Tube. With 2 billion hits a day, I'm pretty sure you'll be sticking around.
I'm posting The Office version of the wedding entrance. The original is pretty good too. ;)

And yes, this is a shout-out to you, TBD.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


2 that I definitely don't want to forget....

Regardless of what time of day: "It's 40 o'clock Mommy, we have to make lunch!"

When you ask how much he loves you: "30 pounds!"

Friday, May 7, 2010

I STILL know....

April 1, 2010

....that I owe Abigail a letter for her birthday. My camera is still lost. I have offered multiple (and increasingly lucrative) rewards for its safe return, to no avail. Here's a picture of my Linc before said camera disappeared.

Blog, smog.
This is what I've done the past couple months instead of blogging:

  • Choosing curriculum for next school year
  • Growing plants indoors for the garden
  • Buying 1/4 organic, grass-fed cow (I have no idea what these different cuts are!!)
  • Learning to mill flour and bake breads, hamburger buns, granola bars and more...
  • Preparing the girls for standarized testing
  • Completing a marriage course with Ron, 60+ hours of pure fun!
  • Sneaking in time with Lincoln who is fast-approaching his 1st birthday
I can't remember what else....meals & laundry maybe?

Oh, this is a good time for a sleep update:
Lincoln, I would like to apologize to you now for making this blog (and Twitter) your baby book. Mommy loves you.

Guess who is officially sleeping through the night? I told Ron that I was going to let him "cry it out" the week after our marriage class since he would be turning 10 months old (7-months-late-is-better-than-never-plan) and low and behold, he must have overheard my plan and decided to outwit me. He is now sleeping 7:30 pm until around 6:30 am. Would like to squeeze that 6:30 into a 7....but, let's not be too picky here.

I found him sitting (!) in his crib this morning so apparently he has now learned to go from lying down to a sitting position. And.....he's getting his 7th tooth. Just broke through yesterday. At least that's when I discovered it.

T minus 2 1/2 months till I jet out of the country with Ron for a little honeymoon....