Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I have successfully navigated my way through 2 weeks of Gabriel gagging and throwing his head back in the bumbo seat at even the slightest hint of a pea. After hiding and/or disguising them 184 different ways, he actually EATS them.
Ok, so he will grunt at me as if to say, "I am completely annoyed" but he does injest them....for a time anyway and then they are regurgitated onto the carpet. Hey, take what you can get!

If you are wondering why I bothered (you probably aren't).....I was very diligent with Maddie eating veggies and still to this day she will eat any vegetable found in the produce joke. She actually chose beets on our run last week. NASTY!
I may have been a bit lazy (is that really the right word?) with the middle two and they literally gag when I am preparing the beets (me too...shhhh!)
So, I am back to square 1 for number 4. We shall see.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Beastie Girl

I tune into Christian radio because most of what is on the radio station I would like to listen to is not great for the little ears. However, anyone from Columbus can attest, The River is the queen of pete-repeaters and yesterday I had had enough.

Lauren, Gabe and I are driving home from dropping Abby off at preschool and I am flipping stations and I hear, "You Gotta bom....For Your Right..." and before I can even reminise I hear Lauren from the backseat say, "Mommy, I LOVE this song" (she's never heard it).

I look in my rear-view mirror and she is literally fist-pumping to the song (where did she see that??) and now I am LOL!!!!

It all quickly ended in verse 2 when he says his mom lost his best _____ mag -- but hey, it was fun while it lasted!!!

Ok, I have to add here that she is sitting beside me flipping through a PB Teen magazine saying, "I not sleep in this bedroom" (page flips) "I not sleep in this bedroom" (another page is turned) ...over and over.
Abigail just returned from getting the mail in her skivies and Gabriel is clammering up my body like a professional rock climber. No joke. He's ticked off too.
Happy Tuesday People. Happy Tuesday.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sunday School Laughs

I am teaching Junior Explorers this month which is 4 and 5 year olds. These kids crack me up!
Couple funny things I can't forget:

Last Sunday, I asked the kids to tell me which woman from the Bible we were learning about. One of the little boys raised his hands and said, "HANNAH MONTANA!"
Ok, so it was actually Biblical Hannah and not Disney Hannah but I'm definitely giving him partial credit!

Today, I told the kids if they could recite their memory verse than they could pick a prize from the treasure chest. The verse was "I listen carefully to what God says." Psalm 85
One of the little girls raised her hand and said she was ready, "I listen carefully to what God long as its 85"
Full credit for that one!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Mr. Miyagi

So, we are sitting at breakfast this morning and I am trying to get Madeline to hurry it along before she has to leave for school....(eating her cereal)
I say to her, "Focus, Daniel Son!" and she looks at me like I've just come from the moon.
"I'm not Daniel", she says.
I explain that its a quote from the movie "Karate Kid" and she is just a little too young to get which point the 20 yo college student that lives with us (my cousin) chimes in. Here is an excerpt:

Britt: What is Karate Kid?
Me: You know, the movie.
Britt: No, I don't.
Me: Come on. Daniel Son. Mr. Miyagi. Karate Kid!
Britt: Never heard of it.

This conversation plagues me all morning and I am convinced that she is mistaken. She just missed it, right? She just happened to NOT have seen the 6 Karate Kid movies that were released (there were a few). That has to be it. And I can completely relate to that. We didn't have a television in our home until I was in high school. All those nights you were curled up on the couch with your family watching "The Cosby Show" .....I was playing outside in the yard. No wait, I was probably giving the twins a bath. But, I digress.

So, I look up the release date of Karate Kid. 1984. She was negative 3.
I'm old. This really stinks. I'm old.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Soccer Saturdays

Fall soccer season is in full swing. Ron co-coaches Madeline's team and the fields are just across the street which is great.....although you wouldn't know it when I arrive in a full sweat pushing the double stroller with Abigail sitting on the handle bar (I know, not the recommended usage).

Gabe, buddy, are you sure its nap time?
(the person taking this picture looked at it and said, "uh, its ok"
No, Really! This is a GREAT family picture. We are all somewhat, kinda, sorta looking towards the camera. I may use it as our Chirstmas card this year. Its that good.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Happy 6th Month Birthday to Our Little Prince

Happy Birthday Little Guy!
(it was actually yesterday...just getting a second to post)

He celebrated with his first try at peas.....gagged and threw his head back in the bumbo seat. Freakin' hilarious!!!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

9 Hours, 11 minutes and Counting....

....until we see our beautiful niece get off the plane from China to her forever home.
I know, can you believe we actually get to be there when this all happens?? As if her Mommy and Daddy and her 5 (count 'em) siblings aren't enough....we get to go along as well.
From what we know of her already though, she is a complete "ham" and loves to entertain, laugh and smile!

I think she's going to love the Homecoming Party. And the best news, the helium seems to have lasted from the balloon bouquet.....whew!

Pictures to come!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Grocery Giving

Ok, so here goes another story about how cool my kids are -- but you know what? I decided I can brag all I want because I have only given this blog out to one person, a sister! And believe me, I have LOTS of people I could give it to....siblings alone I have 14 total, I think (in laws count, people!)
All that to say, this is basically for me and my incredibly defunct memory.

Madeline and I are grocery shopping Sunday. I should stop to say that grocery shopping with just one child is one of my attempts at one-on-one time with my children....exciting, I know.

As we check out, she pulls a dollar from her purse and reminds me that she "earned" this dollar and could we go to the Dollar Store so she can spend it. I tell her that we can go tomorrow as I think/I hope/I pray the store is closed now (as I do not possibly have the time to run one more errand, drive home, unload groceries, feed 4 children and do bath and bedtime routine....all before BB is on. Ok, so I have get the point though).

A couple minutes later:
M: Mommy, I decided I want to give it to someone.
Me: Umm, are you sure?
M: Yep. I want someone else to have it.

And so she walks up and offers it to this lady. (is it terrible that I am secretly relieved when the woman says no?)

That's my Madeline.

Top Stories

Breaking News. Our nice Hannah will be waking up ANY MINUTE to start her journey HOME!!!!! Is that so completely exciting?!?!?!? We can hardly wait until she arrives. The girls have already picked out and purchased a balloon bouquet for her....I can only pray the helium lasts until she gets here.....I tried to expain China is VERY FAR and perhaps we should come back to get the balloons in a day or so....No Go!
Stay tuned for up-to-the-minute information on her arrival.

In other news, Madeline has lost 2 (count them!), TWO teeth in 2 days. We were reading bedtime stories on Sunday night and she stops and says:
M: Mommy, you keep saying you need to borrow Miss Cara's camera to get one last picture of me with all my teeth
(why I need to borrow a camera and not just use my own is another blog entry entirely)
Me: I am going to call her right now!
Abby: Mom, can you finish the book first? PLEEEEASE???
(not even 10 seconds later)
M: Too late Mom, I just yanked it out!
(blood now dripping out of mouth, down chin and onto couch)

It was crazy. Her first tooth. Aren't I too young for this? Isn't She too young for this?? I feel like she just GOT her first tooth.

At any rate, the 2nd quickly school the next day.... (boo, I missed it) and then it was lost on the bus. By the grace of God, we found it after chasing the bus down and demanding to be allowed on for a thorough search! ;)

Pictures coming soon!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Our Little Prince

Who would think that eating smashed up banana through a net could be this much fun???

Thank you

We had such a great Labor Day weekend....hanging with family, picnics, sleeping in late (anything past 7 am is late right?)
Anyway, we were coming home from our last cook-out and Lauren (2 yo) says:


Yes, Babe?

"Sank you taking me Aunt Jen Uncle Sam house"

Enough said.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Hannah Day!

Today is a super exciting day! Its "Hannah Day" -- and what is that, you may ask? Today is the day our niece officially begins her journey to her forever home.

Ok, can I please pause to ask you if you have ever seen a sweeter face in your life?????

Back to me explaning: My SIL and her husband have adopted the most beautiful little girl from China - Hannah. Actually, another beautiful baby girl - their first one (Grace) came home last year. At any rate, she is making the journey home and we will finally get to meet her in about a week. We have been praying for peace and safety for her for months so we are so very thankful that God has answered our prayers. She will be making the journey with her Daddy (Jeff). Mommy (Amie) stayed home to care for her 5 older siblings (yes, that's right - I said guys thought I was nuts about kids! :) )

We are dancing around our house this morning!
Happy Hannah Day!

PS - Her 2nd birthday was a few days ago....August 30. We can't wait to have birthday cake with you Hannah!!!!