Friday, February 29, 2008

First Official Mess

Gabe managed to find the girl's water bottles, dump them out and splash around in the mess. I'm not sure why I think this is so cute....I just do.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

He Waves....did I already tell you this?

Gabe officially waves and says, "Da Da" when someone leaves the house.  Ok, so he says, "Da Da" and not "Bye Bye" - what's your point?

That's all I have.  Really.  I just get a huge kick out of it every time he does it.

Someone has a big - numero uno - birthday in 14 days...

Friday, February 22, 2008

Funny Stories from this Week

Waved for the first time today!!!

As she was milling around in the pantry yesterday, (where she likes to hang) she brought out a container of sunflower seeds and said, "Mom, is this DOG FOOD?"

On our way to pick Maddie up at the bus stop she was singing:  
I don't wantcha blow
I don't wantcha blow
I don't wantcha blow my horn
to the tune of "Dinah, Won't you blow my Horn"

Announced at lunch today that when she turns 5 she is going to write a book.....about me....should I be scared?

Sent an email to her friend Kate (only Kate doesn't have email so in the email address line she typed, "Kate" - naturally) that said:
 "I know you like socer.  I was thinking we could play on the same team."  
Oh, and she sent it from Ron's phone.  He found it in his sent box.

And even funnier was our breakfast conversation:
M: I am related to the Chinese
Me: I'm sorry, what?
M: I'm related to China
Me: Sorry, still confused
M:  Well, I have the shape of head that a lot of Chinese people have and I also have the same kind of hair.

At this point, I'm trying to figure out what I'm supposed to say.  I explained how ethnicity works, etc.  At the end she said, "Well, I want to be Chinese!"
This might have something to do with the fact that she has 2 beautiful cousins who were blessed enough to be born in China and are now living just down the street.  
Too cool.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tag, I'm IT

I just got “tagged” – my first time. Moment of silence. Followed my laughter because you are then supposed to “tag” 7 bloggers and I don’t even know 7 bloggers!  Too funny.

I am to share 7 funny/weird things about myself. I know, I know, this blog is about my kids. But, tag is tag. Here we go:

1. I attended a “self-taught” school until 7th grade. Sounds strange, eh? It was similar to the home school concept of today. You worked at your own pace and graded your own papers. There were parent volunteers and one teacher that would oversee the whole “project” – LOL! Thankfully, the “project” was successful as I transferred to a very competitive private school at the end of 7th grade and did great. Well, minus the fact that the students were all fluent in a 2nd language. Cut me some slack people!

2. I spent 3 days on a bus. I really would like to stop the story here but I will reluctantly continue. When I was a freshman in college, I boarded a bus on a Friday that was supposedly driving non-stop to Florida for spring break….with 2 fewer seats than there were passengers. (Thanks Alt – the bus driver – for making this “exception”) Unfortunately, we got caught in the “southern blizzard of ‘92” and ended up on an exit ramp somewhere in Georgia. They shut down the freeway and left us for dead, I mean to fend for ourselves. When we finally arrived at a gas station, there was one package of Ho-Ho’s and 2 Mountain Dews left in the store… think I’m kidding. We had no water and no food. Wait, we still had part of a (warm and slightly stale) keg on the bus, never mind. This was before the days of cell phones (I know, I’m old) and so the only way to make a call was to stand in 4 feet of snow and wait for one pay phone that over 200 people were sharing. Oh, and the best part was that, in my highly intelligent and experienced mind-set, I decided to wear “Florida” clothes. And why wouldn’t I….we were going to wake up in sunny Florida.
Long story short, we arrived on Monday. For more on this story, see my therapist. I’m kidding.

3. I am the oldest of 6 children. I have 4 brothers and one sister. We all have a sister, Susan, in heaven. She will be 30 years old in April. I can’t wait to meet her again someday. We are all married except Kathan (come on buddy, you can do it!) so now I have 4 additional Costello sibs….and some pretty cool Scherer ones as well.
Growing up was a complete blast.. I love my siblings.  They are some of my best friends.  As of just recently, we all live in the same city.  Crazy, good times.

4. I spent the majority of my “growing up years” living in the country where we grew most of our own fruits and vegetables and got our dairy and eggs from a near-by farm.
You may have read in an earlier blog entry that my Mom went through a health kick on steroids. Entirely true. It was mostly ok. I might have traded eating Shredded Wheat (not Frosted people!) with honey drizzled over it for something a bit more edible.
For those that know me well, you are laughing right now as I am pretty picky when it comes to what my kids eat. At least I let them eat flavored yogurt! (ok, so its organic and has flax seed stirred in – what’s your point?)

5. I met my husband on the first day of senior year high school in Mrs. Hotchkiss’ English class. He made a pass at me. He will shamelessly admit it. My family had just moved from Charlottesville, Virginia and I was the new girl in town. My Dad loves this story because he says “See, I knew God had a plan for you when we moved.” (I might have been a bit distant from the parents who moved me hundreds of miles just before my last year of high school). “Everything works together for good.” After almost 9 years of marriage and four (for now! ☺) children, I believe that more today than I did then.

6. I hate lice. Yikes, that came out of nowhere. I am terrified of hair mites. I know, they are small and hard to see but they are there. Ick. When one of siblings (who will remain nameless) contracted lice in elementary school, I might have gone out and purchased every over-the-counter lice shampoo and bathed in it for months. Might have. I might have even used said shampoo after tutoring children at an elementary school later in life. Shameful. I know. I just hate lice. Even more than throw-up. That is saying something.

7. I’ve always wanted to work at Starbucks. Or Caribou. I really don’t care. I know – crazy – especially since I don’t even drink coffee (Ron and I made a pact when we lived in Portland that we wouldn’t go there). I just think it smells so delicious in a coffee shop. And the people are so happy. Perhaps because they are about to get their coffee buzz on? I’m not sure. But, all the same, it seems like a fun job. Starbucks did just make Forbes Top 10 list of Best Companies to work for. And I have a ton of free time. Right.

That’s it guys.  7 (somewhat) interesting/funny/crazy things about me.   Now I will tag:
Amie – Ok, I can’t tag her because she tagged me but check out her blog because you can see my adorable nieces and nephews.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Snow Day!

Yes, its cold again but at least we have the bonus of a snow day. The girls played outside in the snow for 3 hours this morning.
After lunch I made them "snow cones" -- my sibs and I used to make these growing up....with grape juice and water and sometimes a lump of sugar if we could find it (you could rarely find refined sugar in our home for a number of Mom went through a health kick on steroids)

At the girls request, we added blue food coloring to our recipe. All I could think about as they were happily slurping their cones was acid rain and how snow is probably so bad to eat. And so, of course, what do I do? I google it.
Which isn't always the best idea. Google has been both helpful and dangerous in my life.
Dangerously helpful? Helpfully dangerous? I'm not sure.

"Snow healthy to eat?" (I'm hoping for good things here)

The first thing I click on says, "it is full of chemicals and very bad to eat." I keep going until I find:
"if you live in the suburbs and you only eat a little, its probably ok."
And that is where I stop my research.

Eat away girls.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Rock Star

My SIL emailed me this photo from our trip to Disney. Not sure if he is wearing the Bjorn in this picture, but Ron spent most of the day wearing Gabe in the Baby Bjorn (proving the theory that men can rock the Bjorn), carrying one of the girls on his shoulders and pushing 2 more kiddos in the double stroller.

I know, could I be more blessed?

Popsicle anyone?

Lauren just asked if she could stand outside and eat a popsicle. FOTFL. (Sorry, I am falling on the floor laughing)
In the summertime (when the weather is lovely), I make popsicles and let the kids eat them all the drips and the mess land in the get it.

Today, however, it is super cold. Super. Cold. As in, you walk outside and your snot instantly freezes. That kind of misery, I mean, weather. I think its 7 degrees.

As I am explaining this to her, Abigail brings Gabriel in and announces that his hair is done. Now, he only has 18 hairs so I didn't realize it needed "done." Apparently so, as it is now FULL of gel and standing up straight.

Must go get camera.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Art Class

If you find it annoying when parents brag on their kids, STOP READING here.
(after all, this whole blog thing is a result of my failing memory)

The following note was in Madeline's backpack after school today:

"To Madeline's Parents:
I am subbing in art today. Madeline sat quietly and got her work done. Then she was willing to help me to help with the other students. I appreciate her and thought you should know! She has a quiet and sweet spirit about her. I can see that the other students are attracted to her. She was a huge blessing to me today and I wanted you to know. Please tell her 'thanks' for me!"

Happy Friday.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Sunday Fun

My SIL and her husband had a meeting on Sunday afternoon so we got to steal away the kids for some fun. We had a blast!
(I have to say a highlight was our caravan from church to the house....2 SUV's full of children!)

Monday, February 4, 2008

Mothers Always Know

Yes, they do.
Oh, wait, I'm supposed to be explaining that as Madeline was learning her poem and scripture for her speech meet, Abigail learned the poem as well. She was very proud to recite it to the camera and even more excited to see you'll hear at the end.

On a separate note:
Today's Quote was by Lauren: (as she is laying on the couch reading a book) "Mommy, when I grow up I want to go into this book."

Today's Highlight was by Madeline: She arrived home from school and was SO proud that she had gotten $100 bill from her teacher. She brings it in to show me and says, "Mom, is there anything you would like to spend it on?"
She was crushed when I told her it was not a real hundred dollar bill. What she doesn't know (yet) is that she could have asked me for anything at that moment and I would have given it to her.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Lauren's Baby Buggy Song

Lauren loves to sing this song to Gabe when he is fussy. The amazing part -- he now stops crying immediately when she sings it. It has come in very handy in restaurants, the grocery and especially the car.
Ellie-bug, WE LOVE YOU GIRL!!!! :)


....just wanted to visit for a second...


Ron was gone last night so it was "FFY" -- Fend For Yourself -- night - which someday will mean you fix your own meal/leftovers. At this point, in my life it means Mommy fixes you leftovers. ;)
Oh, FFY is a stolen acronym from family friends of ours who have 5 children....and need to call an FFY night sometimes.

Anyway, I offered the girls pasta from Thursday night's dinner or oatmeal..."breakfast for dinner".
Madeline starts grumbling that she doesn't want either one. I asked her again and when she responded with a whine I said, "You can have pasta tonight."
Was I teaching her a lesson or was I out of oatmeal?? Lesson, people, Lesson! Well, that, and this is not a made-to-order kitchen.

Fast forward 12 hours and we are at breakfast. Ron is gone (are we seeing a trend here? I'm kidding - he's at a Men's Retreat) and I had planned for the girls to have this fun, new peanut butter cereal that I bought. I think I'm being the cool Mom but when I tell them Madeline says, "Oooooh, I don't care for that. I wanted Kashi." Now, I will admit I am a bit annoyed. She would want organic granola instead of the "fun" cereal....and she's never even tried this cereal! I explained to her that we discussed this last night and the next time it happens she would need to skip her meal and take the time to think about being thankful for food. As I'm explaining this I said, "I'm just tired of it" to which Lauren responds, as if on cue,
"And. I'm. Lauren."

At least I didn't launch into how there are children starving in Africa.....ok, I went there once. I did. But it was a long time ago.

Oops, better run. Abigail is walking Gabriel around on her hip as he is crying and she is saying, "Don't panic buddy. Don't panic."