Friday, January 30, 2009

Throwback Friday

Exactly one year ago.  Abigail feeding Gabriel his cereal with her rollerblades on.  I distinctly remember her skating around between bites and him crying for more....I had to shut the whole operation down.  Fun memory.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Poopy Bi-Ber

At just-before-7 this morning, we hear Gabriel talking from his crib so Ron heads in to see what's up.  
(can I preface this story by saying: glad it was him and not me!)

Gabe apparently was saying, "poopy bi-ber" and when he received no response decided to take matter into his own hands....and I mean that quite literally, pun completely intended.

Ron walks in to find him standing stark naked in The Tent.  He has shed his zip-up, footed pajamas and his diaper is discarded near the south end of said tent.  A nice size -- warning: graphic language which may not be appropriate for all audiences -- turd is sitting in the middle of the mattress.

For our future reference, Gabe is so over babbling.  When he talks, its best you listen.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Let's Help the Saunders Family

Update:  1/31
Go to THIS LINK to enter a blog give-a-way and help the Saunders.  Blog about it on your site for additional entries.  Read the post and enter today!!  :)

Update: 1/25
More than 200 persons/families took the time to write a comment about why the Saunders deserve an EHM.  THANK YOU!!!  
(EHM should be reviewing the application soon so keep praying!!!)

Linn and Dwight Saunders are the amazing parents of 10 (T-E-N) children. They recently brought 2 children home from Uganda and they are awaiting a daughter from China...who will be coming home very soon.

Last week their home burned to the ground and they lost everything. Every. thing.  

Although I do not know them personally, my SIL Amie knows Linn and what a great woman she is and what an amazing family she has.  We would like to do whatever we can to help them during their time of need.

How does this involve you?  Thanks for asking!  ;)
First and foremost, they need a home to live in.  There are a TON of people petitioning ABC's Extreme Home Makeover to help them re-build their home.  Please visit here and leave a comment to show your support. (the people petitioning ABC will be sharing these comments)

If you are so inclined, you could email ABC yourself.  If you happen to have a connection over at EHM, or perhaps you are BFF with Oprah, please give me a shout.

Please visit The Saunders Family blog to get to know more about this amazing family!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Its All About Choices

Abigail is a bit slower to wake-up than the average member of our household and she often says that her "legs hurt" in the morning.  Its one of those things that as soon as the blood is pumping, she never mentions it again....until tomorrow morning.

So, this morning as I ask her to bring something upstairs (shortly after she has awakened), I start hearing the whole, "my legs hurt to walk - can someone else do it?"

I start to say, "Abby, Let's go." (my inner dialogue is saying, get over it) and then I stop myself COLD and decide to try one of Danny Silk's, Loving Your Kids on Purpose techniques.
(We are huge fans of Danny and use his style of parenting in our home but his examples were especially fresh in my mind after just reviewing some of his material this past weekend)

Here's how our conversation proceeded:

Me: Abby, If you are unable to walk up and down the stairs in the morning, I don't think it would be wise for you to continue gymnastics.  Its your choice.  You can either happily walk the stairs each morning or you can remove yourself from the gymnastics roster. 
(this is said in the kindest and most sensitive voice - a huge part of what makes it work)

A: Why wouldn't I be able to continue gymnastics?

Me: Peaches, I'm concerned about putting that kind of strain on your leg muscles if walking seems to be taxing them.  Its completely your choice.  Take your time deciding.

A: (after considering options for about .2 seconds... and with a smile)  I'm going to be happy and walk the stairs.

And that, my friends, was the end of that.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Throwback Friday

Madeline's 2007 ballet recital.  The Sound of Music's Do-Re-Mi.

(she's the little peanut in blue.  scroll down and pause music before viewing)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Last night, Madeline and I were reading one of the Bobbsey Twins books.  Do you remember these?  I had ever single one and read and re-read them as a child.  Nan and Bert, Freddie and Flossie.....those guys were the coolest.

Anyhoo.  We got to a part where Freddie is trying to solve the mystery and.... "his expression changed."

I asked Maddie if she knew what "expression" meant. 

Of course Mom!  Like, "Get out of town!"  That's an expression.

We talked about verbal expressions versus facial expressions and that's when she gave me her, 
thankyouverymuch expression.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Sweet Little Bambino

What.  A.  Miracle.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Ron called a family meeting last week for a very important matter. Here's how the meeting started:    

Ron:  If you pee it - or poop it - PULL IT!   
read:  flush your waste!

(blank stares, followed by giggles)

He went on to explain that since we are all getting "older", it is high time that Mommy stopped flushing all the toilets (I might have been openly frustrated after having flushed my 16th toilet full of waste.)  
Since we often let the kids help decide the consequences, it was elected that if you forgot to PULL IT! you would forgo any treat/gum for the remainder of the day.  He had the kids repeat the mantra and adjourned the meeting.

Fast forward to today where I am about to take a much-needed siesta (that would be 2 seconds in the bathroom by myself) and find myself face-to-face with.....well, do I really need to explain further?

When I asked the kiddos who had forgotten to PULL IT!  Lauren said, "Um, it might have been me?" At the same time, Madeline peeked in and said, "Wasn't me, I wipe 3 times."  
(TMI, I know, but crucial to the story, and somewhat hilarious.....and TMI, I know)

Sure enough, there was one, small sheet of 2-ply floating.  Lauren's cover was officially blown.....and I got a visual reminder that we have more than just the PULL IT! issue to reckon with.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Crib Tent - Update

When my sweet nephew starting having crib parties this week, it reminded me that several of you have asked how Gabe is hangin' in his "new" crib.    (click here if you missed part 1)

I really think he likes it.

I gave my best attempt at a photo.  If you could catch a clearer glimpse through the mesh, you would see an all-out boycott against the camera.

I finally switched the camera to video mode so I could catch some of the action live.  He is in full pike position.....where he remained until the paparazzi disappeared.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Harlem Globetrotters

Ron and I took the big girls to the Harlem Globetrotters last week.  Now, I'm gonna be completely honest here, it was not my favorite event.  
(shocking, I know)

We took them to dinner beforehand which was the best.  However, the actual event.....well, let's just say I'm not that into Magicians of Basketball.

Aside from watching the girls (and Ron!), the most entertaining part of the night was texting back and forth with Bex.

(middle of our converstaion)
have you seen these guys?  its like the nba on steroids....except many say the nba is already on its like watching the nba.

it might be because I have a raging case of morning  all-day-and night sickness....but I'd rather watch paint dry.  ....or sniff paint.  that might put me out of my misery.

Needless to say, I don't plan to follow them on their tour.  I am glad the girls had fun....and so did Ron.
Maddie - are you on the court with these guys?