Thursday, January 8, 2009


Ron called a family meeting last week for a very important matter. Here's how the meeting started:    

Ron:  If you pee it - or poop it - PULL IT!   
read:  flush your waste!

(blank stares, followed by giggles)

He went on to explain that since we are all getting "older", it is high time that Mommy stopped flushing all the toilets (I might have been openly frustrated after having flushed my 16th toilet full of waste.)  
Since we often let the kids help decide the consequences, it was elected that if you forgot to PULL IT! you would forgo any treat/gum for the remainder of the day.  He had the kids repeat the mantra and adjourned the meeting.

Fast forward to today where I am about to take a much-needed siesta (that would be 2 seconds in the bathroom by myself) and find myself face-to-face with.....well, do I really need to explain further?

When I asked the kiddos who had forgotten to PULL IT!  Lauren said, "Um, it might have been me?" At the same time, Madeline peeked in and said, "Wasn't me, I wipe 3 times."  
(TMI, I know, but crucial to the story, and somewhat hilarious.....and TMI, I know)

Sure enough, there was one, small sheet of 2-ply floating.  Lauren's cover was officially blown.....and I got a visual reminder that we have more than just the PULL IT! issue to reckon with.