Sunday, February 28, 2010

He Stacks and Scoots!

(Modern Family reference)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Snowboarding Bunnies

The girls got their first chance at snowboarding today with Uncle far the best teacher, as he has logged more hours on a snowboard than anyone I know!

(Unfortunately, I didn't show him how to video with my camera so hope you don't mind cranking your head left a bit ;))

Monday, February 22, 2010

Pants Not On the Ground

Several weeks ago, I asked Gabe to go and get himself dressed. We were running out the door and I realized he was still in his jammies. I said, "Just grab something from the laundry bins!"

The kiddos each have a bin in the laundry room where I temporarily store their clothing until I dutifully put it away in each of their rooms often find myself dressing them in the mornings.

And Voila!

Those would be Lincoln's pants he is wearing (as shorts) and one of Lincoln's warm up jackets, both sized 3-6 mos.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Day in the Life

I found the following letter on my desk today:

Dear McDonalds,
Will you please make at least one thing organic? If you do, you will change people's life. If you don't believ me go to your nearest Block Buster and ask for the movie Food Inc. and you will see why one little cheeseburger can harm a child.
Madeline, Ron, Kristen, Abby, Lauren, Gabe & Lincoln
PS - If you could only make one thing organic that would still be great and we could come mutch more. Thanks!!!!!!!
(she explained to me that signing all of our names might make them more inclined to listen)

There was another letter as well....addressed to Wendy's. She asked me to look up both addresses so she could mail them. She knows more at 8 1/2 than most of the people in charge of protecting our food supply, which I must admit, makes me proud.

And speaking of letters, I received one from Lauren's pretend friend, Grace today. I could see the picture fine (it was a self-portrait - she's very cute!) but I didn't see any writing. According to Lauren, Grace is not the only thing invisible. How appropriate. Anywhooo....the letter said the following:
You will always be my Mom and I will always be your kid.

She explained that Grace really need to say this to me because she wants to stay in our home forever. I'm new at the whole pretend-friend-thing so if you have any tips, send 'em my way. Please.

And if all this written communication wasn't enough, it was family dentist day today (always a fun outing!) and while Ron was still in the dental chair I decided to make our next appointments. I sat Lincoln in his carseat on the floor beside me and started chatting dates with the receptionist. Next thing you know, I hear a (horrified) gasp as one of the nurses runs over in a hysteric-whisper-scream, "He's squirmed out of his carseat!! He's out! He's out!"
I was horrified as well.

As another nurse ran in to see the drama, I simply scooped him up and continued my appointment-making as if nothing had happened. What else was I going to do?
Actually, I think I threw a somewhat giddy "Oopsy!" out there. Probably not the best response.

Truth be told, he was lying face down on the floor of the dental office, hanging out & cooing, and even for me, who doesn't easily rattle or embarress, it was a bit much.

Ahhhhhhhh. A Day in the Life.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Gabe's Vote

This is Gabe's vote for best commercial (it wasn't part of the Super Bowl....Gabe didn't watch those anyway, they aren't G rated. ;) Ron had shown it to him in Florida).

And this is his version.

And that would be Ron yelling, "Runners! Need runners!" in the background. He is unpacking car from vaca and handing stuff off to the kiddos to put away.
(I love how Gabe answers the call of duty in the midst of his commercial)

Might I add as a post script that Gabe saw this commercial twice. Adding to my evidence that kids. miss. nothing.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Let Us Stay They Cry!

Uhhhhh, we're not ready to come home guys.

We're head over heels for this place! (read: warm weather)

Don't make us go!

Think of all the learning we've done....
(there are more than 2,000 types of cacti, if you must know)

....and sibling bonding!

We're having waaaaay too much fun!

You're thinking about it aren'tcha?

We'll just hang out and enjoy the view while you decide.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010