Friday, April 4, 2014

Easter 2014 - Forget the Frock!

A friend shared the Eyes That See organization with us today and we were intrigued.  They are all about breaking traditions in the name of love.  Forget the Frock is about passing on that new Easter outfit for a much cheaper tee shirt, and donating the money to feed children.  For a month.  

I am only all about this kinda thing only if it comes from the heart.  And no guilt!  Please know that there have been many a year that I go out and buy exactly what I want for my family so we all look adorable for that perfect Easter picture.

I traipse through the mall looking for that perfect dress.  Oh and shoes.  And a sweater -- we do live in Ohio -- which means probably tights.  And let's not forget I need to times this all by EIGHT.  It's exhausting.  And expensive.  So when I read through their website today, it took about .8 seconds for me to be.....IN!  SIGN ME UP!  YES, PLEASE!

I wanted to run it by the family though and I was so proud of them for taking about as long to sign up also.  We showed them the website and read the mission to them.  One of the kiddos said, "So no fun new Easter outfit?"  And another said, "But, we do get to feed a child for a month!"  And then they all said, "LET'S DO IT!"

Love this gang.

So, when you see us on Easter, we will be in our blue jeans, flips and these lovely tee shirts.  Anyone wanna join us?  :)