Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Meal Planning 101

Several weekends ago, the girls had a (rather brilliant!) idea to plan out all of our meals so we'd be prepared for our busy week.  We all sat down and I let them have quite a bit of input into what we'd each for each of the 21 meals.  Then, I shopped on Saturday and purchased most of what I would need for the big items.  I still need to make a trip every over other day for juicing and green smoothies but I was able to get most of the bigger items.  On Sunday we made some of the staple items for the week.....a large batch of granola, pumpkin muffins, get the idea.

I compared our meal planner to our calendar so I was sure to have an easy breakfast or packable lunch on days we would be out the door early or on-the-go during lunch time.

The whole thing was a huge hit!  The kiddos loved knowing what was "coming up next"  -- not because I wing some of our meals, nope! Not me! -- and I loved being organized and having a plan.

Needless to say we sat down this past weekend and did the same thing.  Nothing sweeter than a repeater.  I meant the idea, not the meals. ;)

Madeline was even kind enough to make a spreadsheet for me and type up our plan.  

It's probably the least complicated meal planner out there......which is my favorite part!  I need simple, easy to make meals that are, as my kiddos say:  "Delicious! Nutritious! And organic!" (this is an old family chant from a book we read years ago :))

I'm off to prepare my already-planned-out-and-purchased dinner for tonight!