Friday, May 30, 2014

3rd Annual HHI Trip!

We made our 3rd trip to Hilton Head Island and it was the same as the previous years.....spectacular.  I think I love it most because it's 9 days of completely uninterrupted time with our kiddos.  No distractions, no meetings, no sports, no school, nothing.  We even all agreed (ok, girls may have been a tad reluctant ;)) to turn off our phones except a quick 4 pm check each day.  That was even more incredible.  

We stayed at Shipwatch this year and loved, loved it.  Already booked it for next year!  Did I mention we loved it??  We rented bikes (obvi!) and biked all over, per the usual.

Bike rentals this year:
1 tandem (Abby and Lauren)
2 bikes with alley cats (Mads and Linc and Daddy and Gabe)
1 bike with a baby seat (Kendie and me!)
Trust me, we are quite a sight traveling around the island!

I managed to capture this moment of 2 of my beauties (no pose!) as we walked around Harbor Town in Sea Pines one evening.  I stopped right there and thanked God for all the incredible memories we have been able to make on these trips.  They are so very precious to me.  I am blessed beyond words.