Friday, October 31, 2008

Jon and Kate + 8....Sorta

The kids are having an sleepover....while our friends Lyndsey and Ryan steal away for a hotel overnight together!
Yippee.  Its Friday Night Movie Night on the big screen.
They are watching the latest Veggie Tales release:  The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fall Festival Party

This year we had a princess, a bumble bee, a Victorian princess (not to be confused with a princess) and a rat.  The rat had no time for the paparazzi and would allow neither unstaged nor candid photos to be taken.  HM.
....except for the first 25 seconds he was in his costume.  
(thank goodness my hand is always attached to the camera)
Here are the kids from the hood.  Having some (healthy) pizza before the sugar intake commences.  Once again, if only you could see Gabe's face.  I said, "NO photos people!"

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fall Foliage

These pictures are compliments of Madeline.  This is their favorite tree in our yard and they have watched each day until every leaf turned red!  Yesterday, they grabbed the camera and started snapping away.
Abby said, "Isn't it amazing how God makes all the leaves turn such cool colors?"
Yes, it is pretty amazing.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

And the Winner is.....

(do you love our raffle basket?....aka the girl's trash can)
Congrats Shelby!  I don't know you so hopefully we've just become friends.  ;)
You'll get an email from me with your 5 (lucky) raffle numbers.  

I just had to sneak back and look up Shelby's original comment and here is what it said:
" kids and I are planning lots of RAK's so I'll let you know what we do.  If I happen to win your give-a-way, I would like to donate my tickets to my friend Gayly.  She has been waiting waaaaaaaaay too long for her SN kiddo to come home!"

Only the coolest girlfriend does a RAK as her entry.  You rock girl.

And just in case you need a laugh, here was my RAK-gone-bad today.  I have a friend that shares an obsession, oops, love of Great Harvest bread with me.
I decided to pick up a loaf of cinnamon bread for her since I just happened to be in the area. (I was NOT planning to go there for me, nope)  I walked in to get her bread (nothing for me) and SHE IS STANDING THERE buying bread.  So, I just walked out.  
After buying a couple loaves and some cinnamon rolls.
Oh, you can read that?


Boys Will Be.....

Anyone tired of this yet?  Cause I'm not.  I'm really not.
Oh wait, that wasn't my son.  That was an unruly-child-with-no-clothing that I found via You Tube.  Never mind.  My mistake.

How about this one then?  
Or the one where someone (most certainly not me) forgot to Double Check the Lock?

His latest shenanigan involves the trash.  It would.  He loves to find little (or big) trinkets around the house and chuck them.  Sometimes he even "hides" them under a cereal box so they are hard to spot.  I've taken to donning cleaning gloves and searching through each bag before I take it out to the garage.
(Oh, please tell me you didn't just believe that.  Really?  I don't even own those yellow gloves!)

Today's discovered treasure was 2 socks (if only they had matched!), the blender lid (that's where that is!) and the popcorn popper.  Yes, the popcorn popper.

When I went to let him know what I'd found, I might have found him eating a half-eaten, somewhat burnt, breakfast waffle.....from deep in the trash.  Might.

LAST DAY.... enter the blog give-a-way, do your RAK (random act of kindness) and win....FREE STUFF!
See below for details.  

Have a great-random-act-of-kindness-day!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Free Stuff? Anyone?

Does anyone like Kate Spade?  Jewelry?  Canon Rebel cameras?  Handbags?  
A Sony camcorder?

Cause I'm doing (my first) blog give-a-way.  I was going to link you to my SIL Amie who is also doing one but after reading the stories of Brent and Owen, I had to donate to the cause as well.

The only thing you have to do to enter this drawing is a RAK -- by October 28th.
(random act of kindness)  
Don't you just love doing these anyway?   Pick anything.  Big or small.  One of my favorites is to pay for the food of the person behind you at Wendy's.  
Post your name and email in my comments section (comments will not be shown - all info will be kept anonymous) and you will automatically be entered.
I am purchasing 5 raffle tickets from To China For Owen.
The winner will receive all 5 tickets on October 28th.
(which is the day Brent would have turned 13!  Happy Birthday!) 

Of course, you'll want to head over to read about Brent's story, an 11 year old hero who was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma, a cancer of the nervous system.  He went to be with Jesus last year and his family is honoring his love of giving by doing a blog give-a-way.

After that, head over to read about Owen, a little guy who will be heading from China to his forever family very soon.

Come back and share your story with one of us too.....its always fun to hear how you are able to bless another person.  

And, of course you can enter Amie's give-a-way too.....just be sure to do an extra RAK.  ;)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Throwback Friday

These are from our trip to the pumpkin patch last weekend.  I know, I know, cheating again.
Which is sad.....considering I have some great Throwback pictures in the storage room.  

Hmmmm. Corn.  This looks interesting.
I think I'll fill this bucket up.
Completely to the top. 
Now.......what to do, what to do.
Yep.  I'm a boy.
(Incidently, I discovered kernels of corn in very random places for the next 24 hours)

What a View!

My view yesterday.

And my view today.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Whole Lot of Work

For some reason, I always forget how much work it is to travel.  Ron and I get to take a mini-honeymoon together (compliments of a product he represents - yippee - free vaca!) and my family members (including but not limited to sisters, brother, cousins and aunts - thanks guys - love you!) will be caring for our gaggle while we are gone.

Suffice it to say, it is a TON of work to get all the stuff together (and lists and routines and...) that the 6 of us will need for the next few days.  A. Ton. Of. Work.  Did I mention that already?

As I mentioned when we did a get-a-way in January, I miss my babies like crazy while I'm gone. But, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.

And I gotta go pack.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Throwback Friday

Once again, I am cheating and only throwingback a couple weeks.  I couldn't help it, this photo makes me laugh.  All it needs is a good caption.  
Any ideas?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Nature Walk

Where's Waldo....I mean Gabriel?
The kids brought bags to collect leaves and nuts so we could "look them up" when we got home. 
Some of them are yet to be identified.
At this exact moment I'm thinking:  A trip to Urgent Care would mean no nap for Gabe.  
I'm just saying.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


The guys at the Genius Bar (and they are genius!) returned my Mac promptly.....along with 2 pennies and a dime.  No charge for the trouble.

I'm about to lose my 29 minutes.  Lauren thought the cute little slit on the side was a piggy bank and deposited some coins for me.  What a sweetie
(ok, so it was a year ago, what's your point?  I'm busy....and slightly hooked on my Mac)

Anyway, Ron is taking it to the Apple store for me.  Let's hope the guys at the Genius Bar know what their doing.  When Ron commented that I might not get it back tonight, I asked if they give out "loaners."  He just stared at me blankly.
Maybe not the best way to demonstrate that I am not obsessed?

I tried to explain that I have blogs to catch up and pictures to post from our nature walk.  
Still a blank stare.

I'm really hoping that our friend Nick doesn't read this.  He'll really thrash me.

Hopefully re-united with my Mac shortly & so not obsessed,

Today - October 15

Today is National Day of Remembrance for pregnancy and infant loss.

I am praying today for all the families that have suffered in this way.

This morning I sat and remembered each of my dear friends, cousins and sisters that have experienced this loss and counted (sadly) 24 babies in heaven.  My heart aches for each one.

"There is no footprint too small that it can't leave an imprint on this world."
 - Author Unknown

*if you are reading this and would like your baby to be prayed for by name, please leave a comment at: Bring the Rain

Payback Time

Recently, Gabriel had a sleepover with his cousin Maximus.  We met them at church the next morning and my son was looking slightly Amish.
(not that there is anything wrong with looking Amish - its just....we're not Amish.)

Anyway, we had Maximus spend the night on Saturday night and brought him to church on Sunday.....looking like Winnie the Pooh threw up all over him.  
And with his hair parted in the middle.  Just.  Because.
Paybacks, people.  Paybacks.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday, Monday

You know its going to be a good learning day when you've already answered these questions and breakfast isn't even over yet:

Mom, is American Girl doll stuff so expensive because of shipping?

Mommy, did I come out of your womb with that hat on? (looking at birth photo)

And finally.....

Mom, do you think the little girl I donated my hair to last year is still wearing her wig?

Friday, October 10, 2008

Throwback Friday

Cheers to Matt and Shay from NYC.  We miss you guys!

(photo taken - Oct 2007)

Zip line Adventure

We took a day trip yesterday to Hocking Hills for a zip line tour.  I almost bailed on the 3rd zip which was 100 feet off the ground, 540 feet and you zipped along at 40 mph.  After all 7 others had gone, I finally mustered the courage to do it.  But, only because the alternative (of repelling down from the platform) seemed even more terrifying.
Truth be told, I settled in after that and had a blast.  

I had our guide, Eli take video footage of this zip.   

(scroll down and pause music before viewing)

Thursday, October 9, 2008


I will definitely be posting my zip-line adventure later (already promised our guide Eli that I'd post a video) but, had to journalize tonight's dinner story.

Have you seen this video?
(Can't get video to post.  So not annoyed.  Am not talking out loud to computer.  Will try later?)

Gabe has been mowing the grass with Daddy for many moons.  He started out in the Bjorn front carrier and later graduated to the Kelty backpack.  
It has gotten so bad that on a random Wednesday afternoon several weeks ago he heard a mower and ran to the window and started bawling....thinking that Daddy had forgotten him.  
(it is unthinkable to him that someone else might just be mowing their lawn.)

Anyway, during dinner tonight he said, "Grass?"  It was actually prophetic as the grass really does need a mow job.  Anyway, Ron suggested we all make bets on how many times he would say it before dinner ended.  The girls and I all guessed somewhere between 1 and 4.  Ron guessed 10.
He said it eleven (11) times.
Obsess much?

CA is Here!

In addition to the birth of Shayden yesterday, we got word that my nephew Johnathan got his consulate appointment!  (see side bar for his sweet little face)
He is coming home in just over a month!  November 15th is the big airport party day!!!


Yesterday was a very, very good day!

Swaddle Me Up!

I caught a quick shot of him last night as I was swaddling him.  Sorry, I didn't post it then.  

(I might have dummied the time on the other post so it would post on Wednesday.  It was actually 1 am and I was whipped!)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Shayden Joseph

Weighing in at 7 lbs. 6 oz. and born at 10:15 pm after more than 2 hours of pushing 
(you are a rock star my sista!)

He is amazing.  Thank you God for a safe birth.

More pictures tomorrow.  My head is about to hit the pillow.  Night. Night.

A Child Will Be Born.....Today.

10:20 pm - Baby born!!!!!!!  more details to come
10:00 pm - still pushing
8:00 pm - 10 cm and ready to push!!!!!
7:00 pm - 5 cm
6:33 pm - no new news....yet. ;)
5 pm:  She is 4 cm.
2pm: A child will (hopefully) be born today....could be tomorrow.  No, I'm kidding.  She was waiting to see her doc a couple hours ago and I haven't heard anything since then.  
And just so we are all clear, I do not have my shoes and coat on ready to bolt out the door.  Nope.
My sister, Rebecca is having her sweet baby boy today.  Her water broke (well, that part is a looong story but suffice it to say - it broke!) and she and Chris are on their way to the hospital right this very second!

She is hoping for a drug-free delivery (God bless her) so we are saying our prayers.

My nephew is coming today!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Random Tuesday

Here are a few moments from the day.  Or, as my friend Bex tags her blog entries:  
Random. Totally Random.

Abigail is showing me a self-portrait she painted in her art class.  I noticed it is signed, 
"Abigail P. Scherer" 
and I'm pretty sure her middle name is still "Marie."
When asked about it she said, "I changed my middle name to 'Peaches' since that's what Dad calls me."
Wonder if I should hold off ordering a new birth certificate and social security card until she's for sure on this one?

Lauren was helping me make lunch (with Great Harvest bread for anyone wondering. Ok, I am cracking myself up as 2 friends emailed this week to ask what my obsession was with GH)  She started telling me how she can't wait to be a Mommy someday and make sandwiches for her little baby.  "I'm gonna make those teeny tiny ones like you eat when you drink tea."
Hmmmm.  Didn't realize you knew what crumpets were.

Madeline was working on Time-Order Charting (part of story drafting) and decided to chart out making a sandwich. 
(Wow, we do a lot of eating/thinking about eating/preparing for eating around here)
Her Time-Order Chart was as follows:
Make a PB & J Sandwich
1. One piece of bread
2. Add peanut butter
3. Add jelly
4. Slap a piece of bread on top
I corrected her paper by adding "organic" as needed.  I'm kidding.  Seriously.

I'm racking my brain trying to think of something Gabe did today.  I'm all about equal opportunity.  Oh, I got it.  He screamed my name for 45 minutes from his crib during nap time. And threw out all his blankets onto the floor.  And shook the crib bars which I could hear from anywhere in the house (believe me, I tested this one.) 
Yep, that's what he did.  My boy.

Monday, October 6, 2008

The Little Gym

I had the distinct pleasure of accompanying my nephew Maximus to his Little Gym class today. We are currently in Flagpole position....which incidentally develops his motor skills while simultaneously enhancing his emotional, intellectual and social development.  
Wow.  I should really open a franchise.

My SIL Jen was kind enough to take my gaggle to the park (thanks sooo much for letting them role around in the sandbox, btw) while I got to leisurely romp around with Max at the gym for an hour.  

The only downside was that it took me back to my first Mommy/Baby class experience.  Have I ever mentioned the time I showed up at Gymboree with Madeline when she was a wee-3-weeks old?  Oops.  She was the youngest by, oh, I don't know 6 months or so? 
(and just for reference sake, the class description did say classes start at birth.)

When Max is a pro-athlete someday, I'm sure he'll give props to Aunt Kristen.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Throwback Friday

Here is a picture of Lauren on her first birthday.  She is getting ready for her big party.