Thursday, October 9, 2008


I will definitely be posting my zip-line adventure later (already promised our guide Eli that I'd post a video) but, had to journalize tonight's dinner story.

Have you seen this video?
(Can't get video to post.  So not annoyed.  Am not talking out loud to computer.  Will try later?)

Gabe has been mowing the grass with Daddy for many moons.  He started out in the Bjorn front carrier and later graduated to the Kelty backpack.  
It has gotten so bad that on a random Wednesday afternoon several weeks ago he heard a mower and ran to the window and started bawling....thinking that Daddy had forgotten him.  
(it is unthinkable to him that someone else might just be mowing their lawn.)

Anyway, during dinner tonight he said, "Grass?"  It was actually prophetic as the grass really does need a mow job.  Anyway, Ron suggested we all make bets on how many times he would say it before dinner ended.  The girls and I all guessed somewhere between 1 and 4.  Ron guessed 10.
He said it eleven (11) times.
Obsess much?