Wednesday, October 15, 2008


The guys at the Genius Bar (and they are genius!) returned my Mac promptly.....along with 2 pennies and a dime.  No charge for the trouble.

I'm about to lose my 29 minutes.  Lauren thought the cute little slit on the side was a piggy bank and deposited some coins for me.  What a sweetie
(ok, so it was a year ago, what's your point?  I'm busy....and slightly hooked on my Mac)

Anyway, Ron is taking it to the Apple store for me.  Let's hope the guys at the Genius Bar know what their doing.  When Ron commented that I might not get it back tonight, I asked if they give out "loaners."  He just stared at me blankly.
Maybe not the best way to demonstrate that I am not obsessed?

I tried to explain that I have blogs to catch up and pictures to post from our nature walk.  
Still a blank stare.

I'm really hoping that our friend Nick doesn't read this.  He'll really thrash me.

Hopefully re-united with my Mac shortly & so not obsessed,