Tuesday, October 28, 2008

And the Winner is.....

(do you love our raffle basket?....aka the girl's trash can)
Congrats Shelby!  I don't know you so hopefully we've just become friends.  ;)
You'll get an email from me with your 5 (lucky) raffle numbers.  

I just had to sneak back and look up Shelby's original comment and here is what it said:
"....my kids and I are planning lots of RAK's so I'll let you know what we do.  If I happen to win your give-a-way, I would like to donate my tickets to my friend Gayly.  She has been waiting waaaaaaaaay too long for her SN kiddo to come home!"

Only the coolest girlfriend does a RAK as her entry.  You rock girl.

And just in case you need a laugh, here was my RAK-gone-bad today.  I have a friend that shares an obsession, oops, love of Great Harvest bread with me.
I decided to pick up a loaf of cinnamon bread for her since I just happened to be in the area. (I was NOT planning to go there for me, nope)  I walked in to get her bread (nothing for me) and SHE IS STANDING THERE buying bread.  So, I just walked out.  
After buying a couple loaves and some cinnamon rolls.
Oh, you can read that?