Monday, October 6, 2008

The Little Gym

I had the distinct pleasure of accompanying my nephew Maximus to his Little Gym class today. We are currently in Flagpole position....which incidentally develops his motor skills while simultaneously enhancing his emotional, intellectual and social development.  
Wow.  I should really open a franchise.

My SIL Jen was kind enough to take my gaggle to the park (thanks sooo much for letting them role around in the sandbox, btw) while I got to leisurely romp around with Max at the gym for an hour.  

The only downside was that it took me back to my first Mommy/Baby class experience.  Have I ever mentioned the time I showed up at Gymboree with Madeline when she was a wee-3-weeks old?  Oops.  She was the youngest by, oh, I don't know 6 months or so? 
(and just for reference sake, the class description did say classes start at birth.)

When Max is a pro-athlete someday, I'm sure he'll give props to Aunt Kristen.