Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Grocery Giving

Ok, so here goes another story about how cool my kids are -- but you know what? I decided I can brag all I want because I have only given this blog out to one person, a sister! And believe me, I have LOTS of people I could give it to....siblings alone I have 14 total, I think (in laws count, people!)
All that to say, this is basically for me and my incredibly defunct memory.

Madeline and I are grocery shopping Sunday. I should stop to say that grocery shopping with just one child is one of my attempts at one-on-one time with my children....exciting, I know.

As we check out, she pulls a dollar from her purse and reminds me that she "earned" this dollar and could we go to the Dollar Store so she can spend it. I tell her that we can go tomorrow as I think/I hope/I pray the store is closed now (as I do not possibly have the time to run one more errand, drive home, unload groceries, feed 4 children and do bath and bedtime routine....all before BB is on. Ok, so I have DVR...you get the point though).

A couple minutes later:
M: Mommy, I decided I want to give it to someone.
Me: Umm, are you sure?
M: Yep. I want someone else to have it.

And so she walks up and offers it to this lady. (is it terrible that I am secretly relieved when the woman says no?)

That's my Madeline.