Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Top Stories

Breaking News. Our nice Hannah will be waking up ANY MINUTE to start her journey HOME!!!!! Is that so completely exciting?!?!?!? We can hardly wait until she arrives. The girls have already picked out and purchased a balloon bouquet for her....I can only pray the helium lasts until she gets here.....I tried to expain China is VERY FAR and perhaps we should come back to get the balloons in a day or so....No Go!
Stay tuned for up-to-the-minute information on her arrival.

In other news, Madeline has lost 2 (count them!), TWO teeth in 2 days. We were reading bedtime stories on Sunday night and she stops and says:
M: Mommy, you keep saying you need to borrow Miss Cara's camera to get one last picture of me with all my teeth
(why I need to borrow a camera and not just use my own is another blog entry entirely)
Me: I am going to call her right now!
Abby: Mom, can you finish the book first? PLEEEEASE???
(not even 10 seconds later)
M: Too late Mom, I just yanked it out!
(blood now dripping out of mouth, down chin and onto couch)

It was crazy. Her first tooth. Aren't I too young for this? Isn't She too young for this?? I feel like she just GOT her first tooth.

At any rate, the 2nd quickly followed...at school the next day.... (boo, I missed it) and then it was lost on the bus. By the grace of God, we found it after chasing the bus down and demanding to be allowed on for a thorough search! ;)

Pictures coming soon!