Monday, September 3, 2007

Hannah Day!

Today is a super exciting day! Its "Hannah Day" -- and what is that, you may ask? Today is the day our niece officially begins her journey to her forever home.

Ok, can I please pause to ask you if you have ever seen a sweeter face in your life?????

Back to me explaning: My SIL and her husband have adopted the most beautiful little girl from China - Hannah. Actually, another beautiful baby girl - their first one (Grace) came home last year. At any rate, she is making the journey home and we will finally get to meet her in about a week. We have been praying for peace and safety for her for months so we are so very thankful that God has answered our prayers. She will be making the journey with her Daddy (Jeff). Mommy (Amie) stayed home to care for her 5 older siblings (yes, that's right - I said guys thought I was nuts about kids! :) )

We are dancing around our house this morning!
Happy Hannah Day!

PS - Her 2nd birthday was a few days ago....August 30. We can't wait to have birthday cake with you Hannah!!!!