Tuesday, January 1, 2008

It's 2008.....and 4 days until.....

So I know this blog's purpose is to remind myself of all the wonderful, amazing, cute, adorable things my kids do (OMGoodness, I'm that parent!) ....really and truly, I have lost almost all short and long term memory...

But, just for a second, might I deviate to say......I'M LEAVING ON A JET PLANE IN FOUR DAYS!!!!!!!
Yes, it's true, Ron and I are headed off to 7 blissful days and nights on a honeymoon together (our 5th since we married...but who's counting?)
Ok, probably my mother who keeps our gaggle while we are gone. God bless her. Honest. May He give her an extra jewel in her heavenly crown. Truly. May she enjoy a long and healthy life. Ooooh, that would mean many more honeymoons.... I'm kidding.....kinda?

Do I miss my kiddos while I am gone? Like crazy. But, this opportunity only comes once every 2 years and I plan to take full advantage of every moment.

Here is my packing list so far:
deck of cards (yes, we are competitive, even on vaca)
breast pump (ok, so I still have to think about that...no worries!)

See picture below for the "This Time Next Week We'll be on the Beach" dance (to our college song, "I would walk 500 miles").
I wish I could say I'd been drinking too much wine....

(what is with the angry point, Ron? I'm sorry you have to wait...four....more....days.. Not my fault. Seriously people, do you see what I have to put up with!)