Friday, September 5, 2008

Musical Talent

Ron sings these crazy, off the cuff, made-up songs for the kids.  I knew he would really appreciate if I blogged one so we don't forget how special they are.  (read: obnoxious sarcasm)

(Sam, they aren't as abhorrent as your hip-hop shower singing)

I managed (regrettably) to remember this morning's and it is written below....along with my thoughts.

Goodbye guys, I have to leave - BOO!
(Excellent idea.  I, too, think you should stay.  Or we could play Trading Spaces?)
Don't think today you'll be wearing snow shoes
(Don't kid yourself.  Lauren just wore rain boots to the grocery and it was 95 degrees.)
It hasn't snowed in quite a long time
(Thank God.  When are you buying me that home in Costa Rica, btw?)
I wish someone would give me a couple of dimes
(Let's think big and move the decimal to the right about a dozen places.)