Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Keepin' It Real

A couple interesting things I've seen or heard around the house this week:

M: (as she sat reclined back in the chair on the patio, arms crossed behind the back of her head) "Now, this, is what I call a relaxing dinner."

G: Has now decided its great fun to throw his blanket and "wubie" (spell check, help me out) out of his crib during nap time and then yell for you to come and get them.  

A:  IS LEARNING TO READ!  Whooo's hooked on phonics?  ;)

L: OCD-ish about hand-washing.  If they are not completely and thoroughly dried she will say, "Ugh, my hands are still slimy!"

The other new thing she loves to say is "Ooooh, fiddlesticks!"  This can be used when she has fallen down, drops something or is told its bedtime.
I looked it up in Urban Dictionary and it was actually a swear word in the early 1900's. 
Vintage swearing.  Should I be discouraging this?

Oh, and I found my (new & slightly over-priced) Bare Escentuals make-up brush in the shower.