Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Miracles Do Happen

During bedtime prayers tonight, Abigail's prayer included the following:

Thank you for raining down food for the Haitians. And please help the people in Texas....that their homes would be fixed this instant!

You want me to explain?  Good, because I can hardly stand it.
Remember, this post?
Well, ever since the girls learned that not every family has a pantry, they have been praying for food for the hungry....specifically praying that God would "rain down food in Haiti."

This morning, we walked into The Academy where the girls take classes.  (It is run out of a very large church in our area.)  
You won't believe what we saw.  Tons and tons (and tons!) of grocery bags full of food.  Above the food was a sign that said:

Yes!  Yes!  And again, YES!  

I had Madeline read the sign and after a few puzzled looks and a quick explanation, the girls started squealing.  They couldn't get over it. Madeline said, "Mom, that kind of IS like God raining down food in Haiti, don't you think?"

Do I think?  Yes, I definitely do.

Is it a coincidence that one, very-random church in our city (where there are hundreds - and the one where we just happen to visit) just happened to have a food drive.....oh, and a food drive where they just happen to be sending the food to Haiti?  

I do not believe in coincidences.  
One thing I do believe - my girls will never forget this.