Saturday, September 20, 2008

Bringing Home Johnathan

The adoption agency closed its doors, without warning (I'm sorry, with 2 weeks warning) and filed bankruptcy.  Unfortunately, they have our money.  All of Johnathan's files were transfered to a new agency.  New fees will need to be paid to the new adoption agency.  As you will see below, we really need you to let Oprah know.  Or Ellen.  Or The Today Show.  Really, anyone that might have a few extra bucks to help us get J home as soon as possible.  
**UPDATE**  - THANK YOU to the anonymous donors....your totals do not show in the Chip In but we sincerely appreciate your donations.
I'm about to get serious on you.  I know, I usually write funny (or not so - maybe you've just been humoring me all this time) tidbits about life in my family.  However, I'm taking a moment to share something serious.....seriously cool.

I should start by saying that I feel like I have the coolest family.  Really.  I am blessed beyond measure.  But there's an even cooler family out there and I need to tell you about them.  Ron's sister and her husband live down the street (I know - doesn't that ROCK!) and they have 7 children.  Ok, I am already getting ahead of myself.  Maybe I should just have you watch the video.....those 3 minutes will tell the story better than I ever could.

View this montage created at One True Media
A Father's Love 3/11/08

So, friends, family, anyone in cyberspace that is listening:  I need some help.  It is freakishly expensive to bring home children from China.  Freakishly.  As in, more than $20,000 each time you do it.  And, as you saw from the video, they have already done it twice.  Johnathan will be the 3rd little one to come home in just over 2 years.  Do the math.  Yikes.  

With 6 (almost 7) children to care for, that's a ton of moola.  But, if I can tap into a couple lattes from each one of you, we start to make some progress.  I'm setting my first goal at $2,000.  Its only 10% of what is needed but hey, you gotta start somewhere!

Its what any good and loving aunt would do.  And please, if any of you know Oprah, send her my blog link.  Then we can all go back to drinking lattes.

Click on the link to the right.  Help bring my nephew home.  Peace.