Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Blackberries, Bees and Boy was it HOT!

We went berry and tomato picking at a nearby organic farm today.  I wish I had a picture because it would be worth way more than 1,000 words.

I hear Madeline saying, "Mom, this is sooo beautiful!" and Lauren saying, "these berries are soooo yummy!" and all I can think is, "this is sooooooooooooooo bloody hot!"

HOT.  Really.  Flippin'.  Hot.  That could be because Gabe was - on my back - in the Kelty but even still, I got back in the car and the thermostat read 95 degrees.  Now, maybe its just me but you really shouldn't be on a farm, picking anything when its 95 degrees.  I honestly stopped and said a prayer for anyone that has to "pick" stuff for a living.  

No, I really did.

It was just a laughable moment.  Up until the point where Gabriel got stung by a bee.  Poor buddy.  He picked up (geez, doesn't his Mom watch him??) a bee to "play" with and it stung him right on the thumb.  Thank goodness for the goats which distracted him.  

So, for future reference, pick a breezy, cool day to take your gaggle out for a day at the farm.