Tuesday, September 16, 2008

In Memory of Macky

My child wants a pet so badly she has resorted to catching wild animals.  Entirely true.
Yesterday, with the help of a box and small broom, she managed to trap a wild rabbit.  Poor guy was innocently hopping along minding his own business before he found himself at the bottom of a Seventh Generation diaper box.

The kids quickly named their "new pet" rabbit, "Mack Thomrie" -- his middle name a combo of M&A's middle names -- Thomas and Marie.  

After carrying him around for several hours and lunching with him, I told M to put him back in the box in the garage and come inside.  She decided to show him to one more neighbor boy and in the process (of not obeying I might add here), Macky decided to bite her and make a run for it.....it being the big, green electrical box in the neighbor's yard.
(here is Mack's lunch of a carrot stick, some lettuce and a sawed-off dixie cup of water)

M came running home bawling and if you think it was over the bite, you aren't even close.  She was devastated that Mack had escaped and was no longer part of the family.  She was only momentarily distracted (fearful) when I called the Ped to make sure she didn't need a tetanus shot (she didn't.)

She might have ended her day by praying that Mack would jump up and ring the doorbell to our home signaling that he wanted to come back into the fold.

Mack "Macky" Thomrie
9/15/08, 11:15  -  9/15/08, 2:05