Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Question of the Day

Guess what my Car Questions were today?

Mom, who shot Abraham Lincoln?  What was the name of the other President that was killed?  And why?

Wikipedia is soooooo much better at this kinda thing than I am:

Abraham was shot by John Wilkes Booth

Unfortunately, 3 other U.S. Presidents were assassinated: 
James Garfield
William McKinley
John F. Kennedy

There were also attempted assassinations on 12 additional Presidents, the latest of which was sitting President, George W. Bush.  He has had 2 attempted assassinations.  The first was outside the White House in 2001 and the 2nd was during a speech in Tbilisi, Georgia.  Both men were convicted.

(oh, and that was for your reading pleasure.  My kiddos got the very simple-- and vague-- answer.  As well as a few questions of my own like, Where did you hear this? and Why is it coming up?)