Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Friendly Mom Tip

Its been quite a while since I had a good, friendly tip to pass along.  

(I am just sitting here....trying to figure out how to tell this story without looking like mean-grouchy-Mommy?  Pretty much impossible.  Just start typing.)

I threw my child's craft out the car window today.

Madeline came out of Art class with a really gooey, gobs-of-paint, not-even-close-to-dry craft. 
Am I the only one that thinks DRY crafts are good ones to send home?

We start the drive home and Madeline begins to explain that her art teacher said to be "very careful" because this "special" paint only comes out with bleach.
Am I the only huge fan of washable paints?

I try not to notice that not only are both of our hands covered in said paint, but her (brand new, first-time-to-wear) shirt is also adorned with this lovely liquid.

We take a corner and the craft slides.  I now see paint on the car leather.  
Another left turn.  The craft comes into contact with a book.
Next turn.  It almost lands on the carpet.
Paint is everywhere.

And that is when Crafty Craft found its way onto the pavement.  I wish I could say I had thought it through more carefully.  I just popped open the window and tossed it out.

I am proud of my daughter for how she handled her mean-grouchy-Mommy.  It took grace.
Not only did I need to apologize for tossing out her craft but I had to say I was sorry (to the whole gaggle) for littering.  
Not Ok.  Definitely. Not. Ok.
I am thankful for grace.  

And so, my friends, do not -- in a moment of sheer frustration -- toss your child's craft out the window.  Don't do it.
Just a Friendly Mom Tip.