Monday, November 24, 2008

Gotcha Day!

Gotcha Day! is a term used in the adoptive community to describe the day when the adoption is finalized.  Today was Maximus' Gotcha Day and we all headed to the court house for this momentous occasion. 

Gotcha Day! was about to take on a few extra meanings.

We arrive early (of course!  I wouldn't want to make a scene with GLAM now, would I?) and I park the car and tell the kiddos to unbuckle and unload.

I am contemplating whether to take the double stroller, going back and forth, with a mental list of the pros and cons.  Finally deciding that pushing 2 toddlers (with the other 2 in tow) through a court house will be less obvious (and require less energy) than toting them on my hip(s).  

We get inside the court house and see that "Adoption" is on the 2nd floor.  Easy enough.
Upon arriving, I double check to make sure this is where the Honorable Judge Spicer will be holding his proceedings.  It pains me (again) to report that we are not in the correct building.

Apparently, there is another Family Services building where Judge Spicer bangs his gavel and since this is his court room, we will go to him.  How do you get there, again?

We head back out and down a block to the correct location.  We meet Max on the way -- looking dapper -- and maintain our composure.
(read: try not to breathe like you just finished a marathon)

Upon entering the 2nd building, I quickly realize the double stroller was a VERY. BAD. IDEA. This building is much smaller and the security area is about 6 inches from the front door.  We bid Max adieu (mainly to save him from embarrassment) and begin the rigorous process of de-clothing, I mean coating, and putting everything through the security scanner.  

I can't even re-live the tugging/wrenching/heaving process it took to get said stroller through the security check point for fear that I will break out in hives.  

Once I think we are (OMGoodness-finally) done, I am detained for questioning as the officer needs to see the "EpiPen" in my purse.  After a lot of digging, I finally produce a Matchbox car and am released.

Did I mention I am sweating profusely at this point?  Really.  Who needs Pilates?

In the end, the proceedings went beautifully (Gabe has a massive bowel movement in his diaper) and Max was a complete angel (Lauren keeps saying, "I thirsty!") during the entire thing.  It got a bit teary eyed when Sam and Jen (Abby keeps asking to sit beside me) were asked to explain their commitment and bond to Max.