Tuesday, November 11, 2008

And Speaking of Squeezing!

I might have hijacked the post below from my SIL's blog who hijacked it from her sister's blog.
Hey, we're all family here.
(oh, compare this picture to my sidebar picture - he's gotten bigger!  Little buddy.)
God is good...all the time.  But some days my radar is more tuned in to this truth than others....Today was the first full day we relished in the reality that Johnathan was safe and happy in his Daddy's arms.  Today was the day that Johnathan ventured for 90 minutes in the outside world to meet the man that would have thoughtfully packed a bag of goodies just for him.  And today is the day that Stripey Man got to hold his Stripey boy....the boy he had been praying for and anxiously plotting their times together.  Today Johnathan got to meet his forever family on Skype...a video conferencing tool that I knew nothing about five years ago but that has played a significant role in my sister's growing family.  Today is the day that six beautiful children got to laugh with and share together in the joy of their precious baby brother....the brother who will snuggle to read books with them, sneak their french fries, and surely will want to do everything his big brothers are doing.  And today is the day that I got to see my sister's life feel slightly more complete....she has dreamed and prayed over this day for days, weeks, months, and in many ways, for years.  Her family is her ministry and her life...I am so very thankful for this most amazing day when she could hear the laughs of all these children at the very same time.  Thank you Jesus.  Truly, God is good, all the time.  We can't wait to see you Johnathan.  We love you!!!