Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Plotting and Scheming....for Dodgeball

A couple days ago, Madeline and I were in the laundry room (why am I always here?) and we are chatting about school as we fold clothes. Here is part of our dialogue:

(preface: this is about to get really random)
M: Mom, what color shirt do you think Michael will wear tomorrow?
Me: Uh, I'm sorry? What?
M: You, blue, white.
Me: Yes, I know colors. Why are you wondering?
M: Well, we are playing dodgeball in gym class tomorrow and Mr. Beals divides up the teams by what color shirt you are wearing.
Me: Go on.
M: So, I want to wear the same color as Michael.
Me: Go on.
M: Because he's the fastest. Anyway, he wore blue today so I think.....
Me: Whoh, hold up, wait. You actually noticed that he wore blue today?
M: Yes, and I think he's going to wear red tomorrow. I'm wearing red.

And there you have it. The perfectly normal, not a bit neurotic or compulsive, family (extended included!) spirit of competition.