Saturday, November 24, 2007

32 Days and Counting Down

Today is already a great day. Madeline and Abigail put candles in their toast this morning and sang "32 Days until Christmas" to the tune of "Happy Birthday." Hilarious.

I wish I could have captured the moment on camera but my (almost 34 yo) husband took it with him today to document his flag football tournament. Yes, that's right, he's playing football. Actually, his 1st place trophy from a few weeks ago sits very near Madeline's first soccer trophy. Strange?

So, while the kiddos and I travel several states away (ok, I'm exaggerating) to our annual Wassail, Ron will be re-living the high school days. I hope I don't sound annoyed -- I'm really not. He loves it. I've always said if he had two lives, he'd hang out with us in one and be an NFL player in the other!

This day has only improved by the fact that Madeline came into the office and asked how old God is. I better run....this one could take a while.