Sunday, June 3, 2012

Hummus Avocado Wraps

Friday, I came home from Whole Foods and found the last bits of lunch that Madeline had created.  I took one bite and was completely hooked!  She originally made this on an Ezekiel wrap but yesterday I decided to wrap it in organic greens.  We love to wrap with can use romaine, chard, whatever suits your fancy and wrap up just about everything under the sun.  Yum!

For this recipe, Madeline took her homemade hummus and spread it over a wrap (Ezekiel or greens) and then sliced organic tomatoes and avocados.  Sprinkle with real salt and pepper (here I used pink peppercorns).

Madeline's hummus
organic garbanzo beans
organic fresh spinach leaves
raw feta cheese
healthy drizzle of unrefined olive oil
real salt and pepper

Mix above ingredients in blender or food processor.  She doesn't measure (hello, she is my daughter!), she just adds until she likes the outcome.