Monday, April 2, 2012

I Can't Believe its Raw Buttah!

Lauren made butter this evening....her first go-round all by herself.  Truth be told, it isn't hard.  We skim the amazingly thick cream off the top of our raw milk and dump it in the Kitchen Aid.  Hit go and watch it turn from cream to butter.  Add some salt towards the end if you like it that way, which we do!

Then, squeeze the liquids out with your hands (her favorite part) and wrap it in a paper towel for a quick second.  You can then mold into your favorite shape.

Lastly, we ground up some wheat berries in the BlendTec and she took the liquids -- aka buttermilk -- and poured them overtop.  These will sit overnight allowing the grains to soak.  In the morning, we'll add a couple ingredients and voila, the most delicious pancakes.

The entire process took about 9 minutes.  That's my kind of cooking!