Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Avocado Uses #7,649

As I was leaving my sister's house a couple nights ago, she handed me a package of carrot broccoli slaw that she said she wasn't going to use.  Last night I decided to make something as quickly as humanly possible fun out of it.  Turns out, GLLAM loved it and scarfed down every morsel.  Guess I'll be making this one again....

1 package of carrot broccoli slaw (make sure its organic as carrots are root vegetables that like to gulp up all the toxins nutrients in the soil and broccoli is.....ok, I digress.)
2 avocados diced
2 small apples diced
generous handful of raisins
even more generous handful of your favorite nut (I used pine nuts here)

Toss with the dressing of your choice.  For this salad I used:
1/4 c. good olive oil
1/8 c. raw apple cider vinegar
2T. sweetener (I used coconut granules)
1 clove garlic
real salt/pepper to taste

Watch it disappear!  (on a side note, the photo would have been much more appetizing had I grabbed my iPhone before downing the 1st half.  Oopsy!)