Monday, December 26, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things

Christmas Eve.  The kiddos always open stockings but this year they convinced us to open a couple gifts they had for us.  So sweet!  And I love my little Ellie Bug's smile....she has lost 3 teeth in the last couple weeks!

Madeline made a duct tape barrette for Abigail and the whole thing just made my heart sing.  All 3 girls have created duct tape factory and make purses, wallets, flower pens, barrettes and more.  You're welcome, Duck Tape Brand.

This is where I would have placed the picture of Madeline opening her iTouch.  It was a huge surprise and a priceless moment.  Yes, the hands-on-both-cheeks surprised picture that you can't believe you captured.  Until you find it has been erased along with a few other priceless Christmas memories.  Drat.

Gabe and Lincoln trying out their personalized capes and masks from  Peanut Pop.  Aimee, my boys looooove your capes.  Thank you!

Christmas Evening, singing Happy Birthday to Jesus.  My favorite part?  GLLAM still wearing their jammies.  **big smiles**  Merry Christmas, indeed.