Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

Here's Abby arranging the veggies from our 1st winter week CSA

Week 1 brought us the following:
7 variety salad mix including mizuna & tatsoi
shitake mushrooms
sunflower microgreens
pe-tsai (asian greens)
Japanese white turnips
butternut squash
carola potatoes

What is a CSA, you ask?  A CSA is a way for families to buy local, seasonal (and for us, organic) food directly from a farmer.  You purchase shares at the beginning of the season and enjoy the fruits (pun intended) each week thereafter.

The benefits are great for families as you get to enjoy ultra-fresh food with lots of extra vitamins and enzyme benefits and you also get to learn more about how the food is grown and how to best prepare it.

The advantage for the farmer is great cash flow!  They receive payment early in the season and can then focus their time on what they do best -- growing delicious food!

As a side note, CSA's are great for kids.  For some reason, they are much more likely to eat turnips that were grown on "their" farm! :)  We can't wait to pick up week 2 tomorrow!