Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mommy Pity

Pun fully intended and you will soon see why.

Earlier this week we took my mom to dinner for her birthday.  It was an adult dinner so I got a bit dolled up for the occasion.  (aka: an upgrade from the yoga pants and tank I was wearing.)

I came downstairs and Lincoln took a look and me and said, "Mommy pity!"  ("Mommy pretty"......right??)  He kept saying it over and over and was so pleased when I would thank him and he would respond back, "welcome!"  I must admit, I was quite pleased as well.

Fast forward to the next morning when I am stumbling to his crib to get him out.  I'm dog tired, haven't slept much, didn't wash my face and actually wore mascara (very bad combo) and definitely not ready to start my day.  And, so what, I was back in the yoga pants and tank.  They were right beside my bed.

He looks up and me and immediately says, "Mommy pity......ALL GONE!"

Maybe it was Mommy Pity all along.