Monday, May 16, 2011

The kiddos came to me several weeks ago and asked if they eat 1 piece of fruit a day whenever they wanted.  Now before you go thinking I deprive them of fruit, we eat lots (and lots!) of fruit but the rule has always been that you ask before you eat.  Simple enough.

Anyway, they were really excited about this new concept and I thought: What a fabulous idea!  I will be the mom that keeps a bowl of well stocked, fresh, delicious fruit on display in the kitchen.  This is so earthy-whole-foodish, I love it!  Yes, I will so do this.  Its perfect!

And so this was Day 1. 

When I find my camera have a second, I'll snap a picture of the bowl now.  It hasn't looked the same since and currently contains 2 almost-ready-for-banana-bread bananas.

The kiddos are loving the new concept though and I've it really that hard to reach into the refrigerator??