Monday, April 18, 2011

Academics Fair

The girls participated in an Academics Fair last week.  I'm a huge fan of letting them author these projects 100%.  I love listening as they explain their thought processes and ideas to their peers. 
 Could they really have completed this, with no parameters, and actually learned something?

What else did you suppose Madeline would have presented?
So the story goes, we were sent a YouTube back in the Fall where a woman in NYC purchased a Happy Meal and let it sit on her coffee table for 6 months.  Madeline, of course, wanted to try it so she purchased a burger and fries from 2 fast food joints and began her own experiment.
And yes, they have been sitting on our bookshelf for 6 months and look the same as the day we purchased them.  No rotting.  No mold.  No bugs.  Seriously.

Abigail chose Africa and talked about our friend "Jungle Man" John (a.k.a. "Uganda John") who is working on building an orphanage in Uganda.  She also discussed our dear friends, Shawn & Joy, who are headed to Mozambique this summer for mission work.  Fantastic job, Love!