Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New Business Venture

One of the kiddos (name withheld for privacy) misplaced her math answer key and despite looking "everywhere" it appears to have been left somewhere outside the home.  I'm Danny Silk educated so here's how that conversation goes:

Kiddo:  I have looked eeeeverywhere.  It is definitely gone.
Me: (composed, well trained)  What a bummer.  I am so sorry.  Are you sure there isn't anywhere else to look?  I know those books are expensive.
Kiddo:  Like, how much?
Me:  I'm pretty sure they are around $30.
Kiddo:  But, that's all the money I have saved up for a surf board!
Me:  Probably so.  I'm so sorry, I was happy to help you look.  I sure wish we would have found it.
Kiddo:  Ugh.  Can I look on craigslist for a used one?
Me:  I'm so glad you thought of that!  What a brilliant idea!

A few minutes later:

Kiddo:  I found one for $19 with shipping!  Still....$19....that  a.   lot.   of.   money.
Me:  Yes, it is.

A few hours later:

I was presented with this business card.  Apparently she has enlisted the help of her sister and they are planning to pass them out to their aunts at our zoo outing this afternoon.  Thank you Danny Silk!