Saturday, March 3, 2012

Another Raw Food Attempt

...and this one was a smashing success.

The girls and I made a raw food lunch last week with inspiration from Matthew Kenney, one of my very favorite raw foodies.  On my Bucket List is to visit his restaurant in NYC.  It will happen.  At any rate, the lunch was a huge success with GLLAM and I've made it several times since.  The best part?  It is super simple!

Marinate organic mushrooms in a good olive oil, lemon juice and a splash of nama shoyu (fermented soy sauce containing live enzymes!) for 30 min. or so.  Next, slice up an organic canteloupe.   Finally, top with fresh mint mixed with a splash of fresh lemon juice and a bit of agave nectar.

The salad pictured is chopped zucchini and avocado mixed with some fresh lemon juice, a splash of olive oil and some finely diced basil.  

Sprinkle with real salt* and enjoy!

*not all salt is created equal.  Most salt is refined because companies can separate and sell the minerals that are extracted.  "Real" salt should contain different should not be completely white.  This is a sure sign that is has been heated to unhealthy levels and been processed and stripped of its nutrition.  Currently, we are using a himalayan salt but there are many to choose from.  Just looked for a good, unrefined salt with lots of beautiful specks of color!