Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Super Easy Green Smoothie

When we are in a huuuuuuuuge hurry, we dump these ingredients in the BlendTec with 3 cups of filtered water and hit Go! (cut the outer layer of skin off your lemon)

We grind once and then add more greens, pushing them deep down so we can get a full pound in.  Also, add an ice cube or 2 to reduce the foam that an apple tends to contribute.

I only purchase the bins for "emergency" mornings because they are very pricey.  I can get a pound of organic loose greens (that I wash myself) for about $3 and the bin is $6.99!  The one pictured above is from Costco for $4.50.....much better!

We go through about 10+ pounds of greens per week so saving a few dollars here and there shaves $100 from the monthly grocery bill.  Which is a tremendous help since Momma always needs new shoes.....