Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Congrats Monsanto.

They won Worst Company of 2011 by Natural Society for "threatening both human health and the environment."

Why can't we be friends?  They are big on pesticides and I. am. not.  They want GMO to become part of our vernacular and I. do. not.  And about 1,000 other differences.

However, I don't tend to focus on the negative.  I'm not a doom and gloom kinda person.  I believe in HOPE.  I believe in education.  I believe in change.  How do I put my hope into practice?  By aligning myself with local farmers that are growing food differently.  By educating myself and my family.  By buying certified organic food items (they don't do GMO either!) whenever possible.  I celebrate victories, like all the European countries, Japan, China, India & Australia that at least require GMO labeling.  Even better?  Peru just signed a 10-year ban. Yay!  And I read.  A lot.  

As I was reading last night, I ran across a blog that increased my HOPE even more.  I emailed her to thank her for all the work she is doing!  We had a great exchange and talked about even more ways to increase HOPE.
Their story is amazing and their 108 degree farm that was birthed from their journey is even cooler.  Enjoy...  Mason's Story