Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The "ALT"

Madeline surprised me by sneaking in and making lunch for me today.  We spent every second outside (even schooling) since it was 70 and sunny.  That's what you do in the Midwest when its November -- or anytime really!

Here's her recipe for what we call the "ALT"  -- avacado, lettuce & tomato

Spread some coconut oil on an Ezekiel wrap and throw it on a hot griddle
Load it with smashed avacado (she added a squeeze of lime and garlic), diced tomatoes and salt/pepper
Throw another wrap on top
When its almost done, lift the top wrap and add a handful of your favorite greens.

We happened to have some organic, no nitrate bacon on hand today so she cooked a slice of that and added it to the wrap as well.  Delish!  What a treat for me to sit on the patio and be served lunch by my 10 (and a half! ;)) year old daughter!